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May 10th, 2020 (5-10-20) at 8:52am was the greatest minute of Kathryn and my lives, yet the scariest day for us both. At only 28week, stretching 15 ¾” in length and weighing in at a whopping 2lb-14oz. The Li’l Bobber “Brantley” flopped right into our world surprising everyone, early….!

Being 12 weeks “total of 84 days” premature - The Li’l Bobber was a little guy but a fighter! Fighting every day of the 75 days he occupied a room at North Side Canton NICU, Brantley fought hard to make sure he came home strong and healthy. This was all while mom and dad had limited times to visit “which was awfully hard” because of a pandemic.

Fast forward “with the power of prayer” on July 24, 2020 - The Li’l Bobber had fought like a large month bass and came home from the NICU. Since that day, he has never stopped fighting and growing stronger and healthy, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

While Kathryn and I are very blessed, there are so many NICU babies that do not have the success store of our Li’l Bobber “Brantley.”

For this reasons… Kathryn, myself and the Li’l Bobber “Brantley” have pledged to give 5% of RED BOBBER profits to the NICU babies and families that are blessed, but might have not had the same outcome we had leaving the NICU units.

Our mission is to help out as many NICU “Li’l Bobber” babies as possible! “Kathryn and I know how hard it is as a parents and what the family goes through during these very hard times”. Our mission is to aid and support as many families with the expenses and hurt that they will acquire during their NICU stay.

Throughout Brantley’s NICU visit, his neighboring NICU L’il Bobber did not have it as easy. While this little fighter was and is still a very strong fighter, he did have his fight with complications which resulted in multiple surgeries. Even after leaving NICU, the little guy had it pretty hard with additional heartbreaking surgeries and other complications.

Throughout this preemie’s fight in the NICU, Kathryn read on social media that his poor mommy was having it a lot hard than us… “not only with her baby in the hospital” but also with travel expenses, lodging and cash. As we knew how hard it was on us… our short 4 mile, 8 minute track was nothing compared to this poor mother’s 120 “plus” mile, 2 “plus” hour round trip. As exhausting as it was on Kathryn and I, we knew that this poor mothers travels “and everything else that comes with your baby being in the hospital” was taking a toll on her and at much more of a cost than on us.

Not knowing anything about this mother, we offered our home for this mother to stay and because we Kathryn and I had no money, we took t-shirts we had in-stock and printed “NICU STRONGE” on them and gave the shirts to the mother were she could sale as a fundraiser.

Kathryn and I wanted to do so-much more “and as we felt greatly appreciative for what we could do”, we both knew we wanted to help much-much more!

Once RED BOBBER was born “and us believing and knowing how big this venture can and will be” we both agreed to give back and the NICU, The NICU Li’l Bobber’s and The families that have the hardship of their babies being in the NICU, was were our heart was!

Every Li’l Bobber NICU baby is close to our hearts!


Kyle Gore
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