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RED BOBBER™ is family.  Not only are we a family run business “our staff is our family” along with every angler that wears our apparel.

While driving home, our flounder dreamt up RED BOBBER™ GEAR, and thought to himself how he could not wait to go fishing with his one year old son Brantley, aka "The original Li'l BOBBER™" 

While in dead stop traffic, sitting behind the wheel looking at a sea of cars, the memories flowed of fishing with his own father and grandfather. 

“I remember those late nights, sitting quietly at Allatoona Lake Georgia on a boat dock of Glade Marina.  Where I sat for hours in front of Benny Fry’s pontoon boat. “fishing with a RED BOBBER™”, eyeing the top of the water that was lit up from halogen clip lights hanging off the side of the dock and a Christmas Tree that hung upside down just below the water line from a rope.

I remember sitting there for hours on hours “watching that RED BOBBER™” only to catch a small brim or crappie that took me racing down the dock with excitement, thinking I had caught a world record bass.  All while my Nene and Pawpaw laughed “along with their friends” shouting “what have you caught this time Catfish?”

Catfish was a nickname given to Kyle at age 12 “from one of his grandparent’s friends” after he had the longest fight with a baby catfish he had caught.  Kyle was certain he was catching the largest fish in Allatoona, only to reel in a 5-6” baby catfish.  “Let’s just say the catfish won that fight”

"I remember the special nights anchored underneath a bridge on Allatoona Lake, fishing with my father on his bass boat, waiting for a striped bass to strike.  I specifically remember the time my father had just bought some new very expensive rod and reel with some shiny new lure at the end of the line, only to have a fish pull it off the side of the boat.  I could only laugh as he launched himself to the floor of the boat and then standing with his red face fishing the rod and reel with another rod and reel to my surprise him finally hooking it and reeling it back to the water surface… only to drop it to be lost underneath the water forever. 

The memories that Kyle has fishing with family and friends is were the passion and drive comes from for RED BOBBER™.

After just a week and a little bit of that drive and luck.  Kyle and his family started selling RED BOBBER™ GEAR at events all over the state of Georgia.  Starting with screen printed t-shirts, RBF quickly added UPF 50 long sleeve fishing shirts, hats, accessories and even L'il BOBBER™ children's apparel “all while giving away as many stickers possible” RED BOBBER™ was flipping around.

Our RED BOBBER™ family desire is that you will enjoy your RED BOBBER GEAR and accessories as much as we do all while bringing back memories of the first time fishing with a RED BOBBER™.

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